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I am a creative pattern cutter and fashion designer with a passion for creating unique, innovative and beautiful garments.

I began my career studying architectural engineering and then went on to specialize in fashion and creative pattern cutting. Having a background in engineering is what makes my practice unique: I have an extensive CAD knowledge and an excellent understanding of construction and 3d design. I love using both manual and digital methods in my work and I always aim integrate my skills and knowledge.

Fenia Koulousi



Fashion & Creative Pattern Cutting


Thesis Awarded with an "Exceptional Distinction":

"Recreating Alexander McQueen: Investigating the optimal integration of manual and digital pattern cutting techniques to achieve the most cost-effective, accurate and sustainable outcome possible."

-Extensive use of Lectra Modaris, CLO3D and Adobe Illustrator

-Production of a series of 2d and 3d technical drawings

-Study of the potential of integrating fashion and animation

-Study of tailoring techniques and recreation of a McQueen suit.

-Creation of a sustainabillity quiz aiming to draw attention to the importance of self-awareness when it comes to design responsibility.

BSc & MSc
Architectural Engineering


Thesis graded 9.4/10 "Excellent":

"Dress Code Casablanca: Parametric Design in Posthuman Fashion"

-Production of a costume for a movie character

-Pattern cutting, design, and construction inspired by the exoskeleton of insects

-Experimetation with 3d printing and its integration with fashion

-Extensive use of Rhino, Grasshopper and Adobe Photoshop

-Production of 2d & 3d technical drawings

-Innovative construction

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