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Project: Aphrodite Reborn

March-May 2023

Entry for Rookies Competition

This is a project inspired by my Greek Heritage and my love for the powerful ancient Goddesses.

I created a garment for the goddess Aphrodite which accents her beauty and power rather than her sexuality.
The garment was inspired by Aphrodite’s myth and symbols and especially by her indissoluble connection to the sea.

For this project I received a B industry ranking in the “Rookie of the Year” competition in the Digital Fashion sector and it was my first encounter with digital fashion.
I was working on “Aphrodite Reborn” for two months while completing my MA thesis and I am very proud that I managed such a high score. I believe that with the digital fashion skills I acquired since then (like the use Blender and Substance Painter) I am definitely much closer in achieving an Industry Ranking A in the near future.

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